A guy who likes to watch cheese , the fosters home of imaginary friends kid. Usually jacks off to myth busters while attacking a darren(dinasour). He likes to eat berries , and loves working out. And has a HUGE adam's apple.
by IlikeBigButts AndIcantLie December 12, 2010
a fucking douche bag. he has incredible green eyes that you will drown in and seems like he cares but deep down is self centered and going no where in life. you will fall for them no matter your gender or sexual preference. he will change your life and in the long run you appreciate them, but you still wish you hadnt met him. beware of roberts.
girl 1: ohh look at that guy! hes so dreamy
girl 2: ehhh hes prolly named robert though
girl 1: oh ya your right.
by crackisyummy91 September 25, 2010
One with a small penis and plays COD all day.
Dood, look at that kid robert, hes gay.
by ozzzlando February 07, 2010
A name for someone who acts like a dickor a little bit stupid, not a particular person, but a name for someone who is a dick.
Sam: I had sex with your dead Nan last night.

Jack: Fuck off you Robert.

Sam: Isn't VietNam a country in China?

Jack: No you massive Robert!
by marmite lover October 04, 2009
1. A male given name: from Germanic words meaning “glory” and “bright.”

2. Also called Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, JC. born 4? b.c., crucified a.d. 29?, the source of the Christian religion. (the name robert and jesus are synonymous)

3. A man with amazing sexual skills, he can bring any girl anywhere to an orgasm at any time if he wishes. He is also sweet, caring, and the greatest guitar player ever (even better than Hendrix and van Hallen put together)
1. Hello my name is robert

2. Hey jesus (robert) whats up.

3. Shit robert just fucked my girlfriend and now she left me on m y wedding day.
by MrHappy321 July 06, 2009
A boy who can be antisocial, will put his ps3 over his girlfriends. A roast dinner comes before anything, even the apocalypse. He is extremely tall, has a weird length of hair. He also has a rat tash who's mother is a control freak...
Dude 1: Yo dude what's going on with your tash?
Robert: Me ma lad
by Lydia David May 30, 2012
Two letters off from Robber. Robert is synonymous with untrustworthy. Roberts will take the first opportunity to stab you in the back as soon as they no longer have a use for you. Roberts are bullies and will punch you in the stomach if you ever try to open up to them. If you somehow find a way to forgive a Robert and try to befriend them despite everything they've done, a Robert will knock you down and laugh.
Robert asked me over for a few beers, got drunk before I did, groped my tits for 20 minutes trying to get into my pants, and then when I didn't instantly drop my clothes for him, he told all my friends that I was a skank who liked it in the butt. When I confronted him the next day and said I forgave him, he pushed me in front of a bus. Robert.
by psilentrogue January 08, 2011
Robert is a turd. But he's absolutely amazing. He's the best friend anyone could ever have, and is an even better boyfriend. He is beyond caring, even though most of his affection is shown by picking on you and making you laugh. Or just pushing you into lockers. He can laugh at his own mishaps. Has the best laugh ever! His hugs can make any girl melt along with that smile. He smells really good. He's obsessed with batman and would probably get all bug-eyed if he found out you love batman too. He lacks motivation when it comes to school work, and doesn't think he's that smart. He's actually really smart and is a deep thinker. He rarely ever cries, but when it happens it's the saddest thing ever. Literally you can't find one person that doesn't like him. He likes outdoor and hands on work rather than an indoor job. It makes him feel more productive. He always puts other hearts above his own. He's not an arrogant asshole. He's humble and if you ever see him in a comic book shop, it's the best thing ever. He's so cute when he's all excited. He doesn't think so, but he's actually extremely attractive. He's freaking sexy especially with his shirt off. But still with it on. He's seriously, the best thing that will ever happen to anyone.
Girl one: Robert is such a nice guy.

Girl two: and he's hilarious

Guy one: he's respected

Guy two: he's a real nigga
by Alittlebitofeverything May 02, 2014
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