(n) a rare kind of clown porn available only in Gaelic. now illegal in 129 countries (including Russia), it is the most dangerous porn to shoot on account of Interpol constantly cracking down on the underground rings.
"Oh my God, did you hear about that Robert bust the other night?"
"Yeah man, that was some fucked-up shit."
by Amelia K-S October 06, 2007
A weird little boy who is scared of his own shadow.
He is known to live in dumpsters and travels to and from his dumpster homes throughout canada. He is partly asian and partly nautcie.
Whoa!! look at that Creepy dude over there.
He must be a ROBERT.
by Weirdo123 January 05, 2011
Money, cash, $$$

Derived from Robert De Niro. De Niro being close to dinero which means money in spanish
"Don't be spendin all your roberts on that shit!"
by Casper Troy November 25, 2007
Both one of the hardest and easiest boys to decipher... Rob's a people's person. He doesn't have to try to gain attention. Everyone tries to get his. Entire groups of friends practically start with him. He makes no effort to be cool, let alone social. He's a jock, obsessed with basketball and football. He's even tried soccer. He's insanely tall, really strong, but ironically isn't that muscular... yet. He's introverted and a bit dense without realizing it. He never starts conversations, definitely never tries to keep them going. He seems so unattached to everything, especially when he puts his headphones in. He doesn't answer texts (unless he's interested in you). He's also an adorable doof that likes to poke his crushes and his close friends. He manages to make all small talk awkward. As long as he's a virgin, he'll never make the first move. He loves staring contests, and his nose twitches to the side when he focuses too hard. He'll insist that his hazel eyes have spots of blue on the bottom. He's extremely competitive, a little insecure, and has a little too much integrity. No curiosity whatsoever. He won't even give you any reason to care for him but you can't help it. He can be as cute as a puppy, stubborn as a jackass, holier than a saint, more of a tease than Magic Mike, can be more of a jerk than Charlie Sheen, as addicting as drugs, more lovable than a favorite stuffed animal, and more closed off than a snow leopard.
Who's Robert?
The guy I used to be in love with, the guy who strung me along, the guy who had me missing him and hating him at the same time, the guy I can do without but never forget, the guy I will keep in my favorite memories. That's Robert.
by Timber Wolfe October 17, 2014
A witch who preforms chair lap dances for free. a total piece of shit.
Did you see that Robert? What an ass!
by Sharquanza Elizabeth Jones January 19, 2015
dumb idiot who is a fucking cheater in everything he is a piece of shit and an annoying dumb gay ass
That guy is a bastard he must be a robert
by Dumbass mother father April 05, 2015
John Bartholomew Roberts, posthumously known as "Black Bart" The most prolific of all pirates. He was credited with taking nearly 500 ships.

Generally referred to in his time simply as Roberts, he was so feared by merchant men that they were known to abandon ship without a fight if they told it was Roberts ship approaching.
On the 10th of February 1722, at Cape Lopez in what is now the West African state of Gabon a Captain Challoner Ogle of the Royal Navy engaged and defeated one of the worlds most notorious outlaws, Bartholomew Roberts.
by phuquer October 24, 2011

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