Money, cash, $$$

Derived from Robert De Niro. De Niro being close to dinero which means money in spanish
"Don't be spendin all your roberts on that shit!"
by Casper Troy November 25, 2007
A self-interested arsehole who is materialistic and has enough self loathing to fill a ocean. He is selfish, money orientated and counts his pennies worse than scrooge. His family and friends are forgotten and his only thought is for his girlfriend who is from a wealthy family. He thinks he is better than everyone else and lets everyone know how great he has it whenever he can, boasting about his new car, 'swanky' lifestyle and hitting the clubs in London because that's what cool people like Robert do. Roberts will do nothing for anyone unless they are able to gain from it, they are greedy human beings and go out of their way to insult others and bring them down to their own level of self-loathing.
That kids a selfish SOB, oh it must be a Robert
by Periodicals May 14, 2016
Some loud ass homeless motherfucker who looks like a man baby and randomly shows up to someone's party waiting for food to get done eats and leave and sucks cock for 10 cent (just like my rap name)
Dude don't pull a Robert right now you fuck
by Weenie warrior June 02, 2016
A smug looking fuckboy who takes a lot of selfies, wears maroon shirts, drop crotch pants and the whitest nike shoes in all of the land. Tis whiter than snow.
Patrice: Hey Robert! You're a fuckboy!!
Robert: Flips the bird
by Cenalicious May 24, 2016
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