NOTTT SMOOOTH everr in life
"that guys such a robert"
by best friend for ever March 07, 2008
One of the best guys you'll ever meet. He compliments a lot, jokes a lot, doesn't trust many people, and he's very attractive. He's the type of guy who can always make someone happy when they're sad or mad.
Robert: Hey, cutie.

Person 1: Hehe, hi Robert. You're the best.
by DaisyFromCalifornia February 15, 2010
Originally a french name. This means a boy that is completely head over heels for this girl who is two years younger then him named Julie. He is adorable and sweet and amazing. Also him and his girlfriend Julie will get married and last forever. <33333333 (:
Hi, I'm Robert. I'm completely in love with my girlfriend Julie.

"That guy Robert is so cute!"
by Jooley_14 February 08, 2013
Robert is the most awesome person you will ever meet. You are probably the second luckiest person in the world. The first luckiest is Robert himself. If you ever talk to him its like talking to God or an angel. If you are old enough you should change your name to Robert.
Roberts accross the world
by Ruben Buden March 13, 2012
A person who hangs around the local park and outside side schoolgrounds at break and lunchtime.
Guy1: Hey did you see that Robert hangin outside the park?

Guy2: Yeah, Fuckin' kiddyfiddler
by Maesteg boys June 13, 2008
Little Gamer kid who doesn't take shit from no-one. good at math... terrible with homework. give or take 4 things that matter to him; Family, Friends, Career/School, and less than the others himself. Weird colored more or less brown eyes can be cold and unforgiving at times but soft and friendly at others. reletivly forgiving... I'd avoid pissing him off though as he has a tendency to blow-up when he takes too much shit. Generally arch enemies with a Josh though exceptions have been noted. all in all nice kid who spends more time thinking than he should.
Person 1: Who's that kid in our class who never does his homework on time?
Person 2: Ah that's Robert

Person 1: did you see that guy? He didn't take shit from any of the bullies even Josh!
Person 2: Yeah I know it's Robert!
by The Reletivly un-noticed May 04, 2013
A rare specimen of pokemon so rare that you cannot even find him in the games even WITH a gameshark!

You can find this type of pokemon in the real world somehow...

Known to be a bit of a dork and nerdy.
Several Robert's do not seem to get along well with others due to being so caught up in their work...and sometimes lack of manners
Is likely to be yelled at in class for not paying attention and bickering amongst others...
Example 1:

During class
Simon: Hello Robert
Robert: Shut it, I'm busy!
Simon: oh...I only wanted to ask you a question
Robert: ...what is it?
Simon: I wanna see a live performance of System of a Down and I hear you have free tickets
Robert: That $248 for ya, now move it!
Teacher: ROBERT!

Example 2:
Who's that pokemon?
It's Robert!

Robert: Rob-Rob...Robert!!


"Yeh I had sex with her, And I'd do it again if it wasn't for her willie." - Robert
by Robert "Admiral Fleet" Gracie December 12, 2010

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