dumb idiot who is a fucking cheater in everything he is a piece of shit and an annoying dumb gay ass
That guy is a bastard he must be a robert
by Dumbass mother father April 05, 2015
The most ratchet human being in the world
wow that robert is so ratchet
by slutoz October 01, 2014
John Bartholomew Roberts, posthumously known as "Black Bart" The most prolific of all pirates. He was credited with taking nearly 500 ships.

Generally referred to in his time simply as Roberts, he was so feared by merchant men that they were known to abandon ship without a fight if they told it was Roberts ship approaching.
On the 10th of February 1722, at Cape Lopez in what is now the West African state of Gabon a Captain Challoner Ogle of the Royal Navy engaged and defeated one of the worlds most notorious outlaws, Bartholomew Roberts.
by phuquer October 24, 2011
NOTTT SMOOOTH everr in life
"that guys such a robert"
by best friend for ever March 07, 2008
One of the best guys you'll ever meet. He compliments a lot, jokes a lot, doesn't trust many people, and he's very attractive. He's the type of guy who can always make someone happy when they're sad or mad.
Robert: Hey, cutie.

Person 1: Hehe, hi Robert. You're the best.
by DaisyFromCalifornia February 15, 2010
Originally a french name. This means a boy that is completely head over heels for this girl who is two years younger then him named Julie. He is adorable and sweet and amazing. Also him and his girlfriend Julie will get married and last forever. <33333333 (:
Hi, I'm Robert. I'm completely in love with my girlfriend Julie.

"That guy Robert is so cute!"
by Jooley_14 February 08, 2013
Robert is the most awesome person you will ever meet. You are probably the second luckiest person in the world. The first luckiest is Robert himself. If you ever talk to him its like talking to God or an angel. If you are old enough you should change your name to Robert.
Roberts accross the world
by Ruben Buden March 13, 2012

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