A boy who is good at pretending he cares. He'll sweep you off your feet with his words, and you'll get lost in his brown eyes and be amazed at how perfect he seems. Then out of the blue he will leave you hanging and replace you with someone else thats 'better'. :( If you ever come across a Robert, treat him perfectly and never let him go! He comes up as perfection, but truth is he's an asshole that'll just fuck you over and ask for another chance.
'did that guy just fuck her over twice, and ask for another chance?'

'yep, his name must be robert'
by nicola-caruana January 04, 2012
a fat man that will eat your food and then sit on you for your money. He has a deadly onion breath attack and brick-breaker move that is aimed at your balls. very dumb and deadly watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!
by robert 123454321 December 10, 2013
A name for someone who acts like a dickor a little bit stupid, not a particular person, but a name for someone who is a dick.
Sam: I had sex with your dead Nan last night.

Jack: Fuck off you Robert.

Sam: Isn't VietNam a country in China?

Jack: No you massive Robert!
by marmite lover October 04, 2009
a worthless piece of shit , one who will always waste your fucking time & a total dick . cares about nobody but his nasty ahh self . cant pull any hoes , & the most ugly thing created by god . hes conceited af & thinks hes better then anyone . DONT EVER FUCKING TRUST HIM , he'll always fuck you over at one point. he does everything to make him look cool , when reallly he is the biggest LOSER . hes a wannna be player & thinks he can akways control & tell you what to do. dont ever waste your time with a robert , he'll only let you down & crush you into a million little pieces.
OMG , what an assshole; he must be a robert !
by Julia Fucking Rosario December 02, 2011
A lying asshole who will do nothing but use you for sex, and treat you like shit. Don't ever let yourself fall for a Robert, because if you do, you will soon see yourself crying all the time. "Robert"s don't care about anyone but themselves. They may say they love you, but after they are done with you, they will reveal who they really are, and show themselves as a doochebag who has no true feelings. "Robert"s tend to turn all of their friends into lying assholes too. Never talk to a Robert unless the conversation ends with you punching them in the face.
I HATE that Robert kid.
by TruthGirl July 24, 2012
dumb fag who doesn't know how to treat a girl
S.O.C.E.S...... ROBERT
by ROBE7800 November 23, 2010
a fucking douche bag. he has incredible green eyes that you will drown in and seems like he cares but deep down is self centered and going no where in life. you will fall for them no matter your gender or sexual preference. he will change your life and in the long run you appreciate them, but you still wish you hadnt met him. beware of roberts.
girl 1: ohh look at that guy! hes so dreamy
girl 2: ehhh hes prolly named robert though
girl 1: oh ya your right.
by crackisyummy91 September 25, 2010

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