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noun. The smartest, sexiest man on the internet. Legend holds that he's hung like a Clysdale and smarter than Neal Stephenson.
I wish I could be Roark, but I am not great enough, nor will I ever be.
by Mark January 24, 2005
64 29
Sound made by engineering students at times of extream stress. It is believed that it helps to ease the stresses caused by 5 years of hard work.
Student: Rooooooaaaark Rooooooaaaaark, ah thats better.
by Matt February 28, 2005
23 11
A character from Ayn Rand's book The Fountainhead.
...Galt owns Roark like whoa...
26 19
a woman with a bird like voice, usually very annoying and persistant.
by Mr.Fantastic August 28, 2008
30 29
A fart, initiated in a bath tub.
"What was that noise from upstairs?"
"I think Jimmy just roarked."
by Roddamn October 25, 2006
18 24
Main Entry: roark
Pronunciation: r'O'-r K
Function: noun
Etymology: Late Latin roarkillis, from Latin in- + ignoramus, oblivious -- more at 'asshat'
: incapable of accepting free perspectives; to dominate ignorantly; : UNCONQUERABLE
At the Theatre: "Man that conductor was such a Roark. I feel like I've lost my entire conceptual universe."

At the Gas Station: "That mother ****** just roark'd me!"

At the Art Galleria: "I'm not fond of his work. This piece is such a Roark. Tell me Geoffrey, what do you make of the upside down monkeys?"
by Semour December 30, 2004
8 20