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Jerkin it while driving
Hey bro, did you make it home okay last night?

Yeah bro, I road jerky'd to stay awake.
by Weezymagic August 23, 2011
3 1
1. The act of giving a handjob to the driver of a car. 2.The act of giving a handjob to the passenger by the driver is known as Senseless Road Jerky.
I have a boner. Give me some Road Jerky.
by Jus10x October 17, 2009
5 3
A highway that gets a lot of salt put on it in the winter.
The county plow trucks are out spreading salt and making road jerky.
by The Plowman November 27, 2012
0 0
Road Kill that was sat for a long period of time. the heat cures it like Beef Jerky
-"Man, you just hit that coyote"
-"Eh. It'll be road jerky before long in this heat."
by AZGator July 02, 2009
2 2