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the ability to laugh and laugh at pointless random objects without having the ability to stop yourself
side effects.. stomach ache
tears streamed from his eyes.... oo stop getting urself in such a rizz, ull never snap out of it.. as he giggled hysterically at the gorilla advert on the tv.
by Rizzle123 September 13, 2007
8 28
1. To be equal or less then useless
2. To be sexually inactive to the oppisite sex
3. To be an outcasted, voted out
4. To have an IP
5. To be related to zezima
1. He is feeling so rizz today.
3. He was rizzed out by the elders.
by John December 11, 2004
7 27
> you
you < rizz
by cw April 08, 2004
25 45
rizz is a strange person (male) who constantly spends time on www.darkzero.net, listens to Michael Jackson, and uses the moonwalk as his main way of travel. rizz also kicks arse and does not like to be called Rizz very much. Synonym (sp?) for loner some might say. rizz 0wnz with his ninja knife throwing skillz
person 1: Hey, who was that moonwalking freak?
person 2: Must of been rizz

person 1: shit, a knife almost hit me
person 2: I told you to stop harassing that rizz dude
by alex reilly August 11, 2004
8 56