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A Jewish name for an awesome girl. This name is for girls who are smart, funny, and unique.

Is pronounced Ri-v-ka instead of the common mispronunciation Ri-vi-ka

This is one of the best names for a girl, and any girl who has this name is very lucky.
My name is Rivka.
by Whovian16 October 17, 2011
Isaac's wife.
Mother of Jacob and Esau.

This is the correct information on biblical Rivka, Isaac was her husband not her son.
Rivka overheard this conversation and realized prophetically that Isaac's blessings would go to Jacob.
by nerdygirl16 August 19, 2011
Another word for thrift store. Originates in the middle east where the name has positive connotations. Cheap, frumpy clothing = good deal where im from!
"ah shit! my pants ripped!"
"brah, relax. hit up the rivka later."
by kroner boner November 18, 2009
biblical name.
rivka was Isaac's mother in the bible.
popular name for jewish and israeli girls.
"hey, im rivka"
by September 04, 2008
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