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A character off of the popular Tv show/movie Firefly. She's a teenager who was messed up by the Alliance untill her cool brother Simon saved her.
Also a girl that lives inside her own head.
I'm a River, I just think too much.
by Darth_`Eowyn September 13, 2006
Where you go to dispose of bodies.
I took my cousin "down to the river" last night, I sure do miss him.
by Werther September 23, 2002
An extremely annoying person also known as Justin Bieber's playmate.
River Medina
by umike1 March 30, 2011
A highschool/area in Virginia. also known as the hood. known for their sports teams and their black peoples.
Man we lost to river last night 24-17.

I went out river last night and got wasted!
by Kable59 February 21, 2008
Short or Slang for the Colorado River. The Colorado river is referred to as "the River" by most Southern Californians. This terminology refers to any portion of "the river" or surrounding areas such as Lake Havasu, Laughlin, Parker, Blythe, Lake Mohave.
What did you do this weekend?

Got shit housed at The River!!
by MJ4545 April 28, 2008
aka. Big riv, Riv dog, Big myes. an amazingly sexy waterpolo playaa who enjoy taking long walks on the beach, nude, while yanking his power cord.
o my gawd it me river most awesome.
by River October 22, 2004
M: An Irish boy who only wishes to be as badass as his dad.
He loves girls, but they don't love him back :(
Thinks everyone comes to him, when really, they runaway.
pooooorrr riiiveeeeeerrrr.

J: A redheaded monster that has decent abs for his age, but all turns bad when his face is exposed. He is a put a bag over and tap. Calls you, and hangs up. Even though he's kinda mean sometimes, he claims he loves you, and weirdly, you find yourself growing feelings for him, too.
Also, he likes to send pictures. And he refuses to measure his sausage because he claims to not be able to find a ruler.

skaters- Look! River! Run!
girls- No! Faster! Go!
river- Hey you guys, want a ride from my dad?
girls&skaters- HELLLL YEAAAHH!

river-(turns around) whooaaaahhhh my daddy has one of those!!
skaters-(run away)VICTORY!!!

by kateandsasha February 14, 2009