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A Finnish name. Comes from the english name Christopher.
Risto is an awesome guy.
by 'Ello Sailor! October 19, 2008
A sweet, amazing type of person. Often seen drinking beers but don't be fooled, he is actually a high class citizen.
Found wearring knee length shorts, usually darker colored and an Elwood branded tee.
His hair is always carefully groomed and prided in greatly.
Anyone who has this species of male as their boyfriend must be very lucky.
Person 1: Hey, how's your new boyfriend going?

Person 2: Just great! He's a real nice boy. Definately a Risto.

Person 1: Lucky you....etc.
by moustashe January 05, 2011
1. a member of an aristocracy, especially a noble.

2. a person who has the tastes, manners, etc., characteristic of members of an aristocracy.

3. anything regarded as the best, most elegant, or most stylish of its kind.


1. belonging to or favoring the upper class.

2. characteristic of the most elegant and noble.

3. what people think they are referencing when calling something bourgy but are sadly confusing their words.
She bought a plane since she was single and doesn't have kids- but that's because she's risto.

"Go risto status and make him pass a challenge first! He must prove himself a worthy suitor!"
by bucketface lebowski April 08, 2014
To open an umbrella in one's anus.
He was ristoed so badly his rectum had to be removed and replaced with a garden hose
by Porkkalankatu April 24, 2008
an obysse wog like feature found around greater Dandenongs admired by women for his microscopic fatty
by koorats March 19, 2003
A waste of a single sperm.
by hihihi March 19, 2003

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