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baddass kid, if you dont like him so much why dont you tell him?
definatly not a badass
by Rinaldi January 04, 2005
1. a homosexual shithead or cockbag.
2. A thin layer of cotton between your mattress and your bed.
1. The guy using the keg last night was such a Rinaldi.
2. After I went to bed, my Rinaldi was all messed up.
by HonestyMan August 25, 2008
A selfish ugly whore.
Jesus, Jane, you're being a fucking Rinaldi right now!
by Poops McGee March 22, 2005
Pot smoking, coke-sniffing drug addict
Rinaldi is a badass loser
by AZN-iNVaSioN November 12, 2004
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