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A really bitchin' name.
The same name as 'Renee' but, its just spelled cooler.
Its a pretty name.
It's cool.
If 'Rinae' is your namee, girlll, your freaking awesome. :D
Guy one -"Dude, theres a new girl in our school her names 'Rinae'."

Guy two -"Thats a hott name."

Guy one-"I agree."
by Epicwinpersonal February 16, 2010
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Sounds the same as the name 'Renee' but it's spelt more uniquely.
A great name that describes a sexy brunette girl with a great ass and a real passion for pina coladas and dancing in the rain!
Shes always the life of the party and wherever she goes, boys notice her hot bod.
Boy 1: wow did you see that new girl on campus ?
Boy 2: hell yeah! she looks like such a rinae
by intergallacticcool September 15, 2012

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