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A crowded high school located in South West Bakersfield, CA. There never is two weeks that go by without a fight. Hall Sweeps are often called after the fights, which entitle us to Saturday work if caught outside of class after the bell. There are rarely any rallies due to the lack of enthusiasm in the ASB directors. You can find about 1/500 of the guys and girls model hot. The school is often tagged with graffiti each year for the school to clean up. Many of the people know friends from Stockdale since that is one of the nearest high schools, after Golden Valley. This school is very diverse. Sorta Boring. Not much to say about this school.

Bill: Where is the next varsity football game?
John: Ridgeview High School.
Bill: Man those fools suck.
by Anonymous--AL April 27, 2008
When an object is left in a location, and is then currently used by the Occupier of the location. Under a "Ridgeview" Ownership of the said item is then transfered to the occupier until the original owner notices the item and claims it back for themselves
We are going to Ridgeview that guitar because it was left here yesterday
by Jon Pilon April 16, 2007
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