A person who does stupid or weird things for no reason.
That riddler just turned the lights out in the Men's room.
by Bob Durkin March 02, 2006
Top Definition
A criminal who hires you to do something illegal and then drops hints about it to the authorities.
Why would the Riddler do this?
by rwpfister April 24, 2008
Rid-ler rid-lur

- Adjective

Used to describe an appearence or feeling of ones roughness. Believed to be invented by Reading band boydidgood.

Last night was a heavy one, i feel like an absolute riddler!

Why are you getting in there with her bruv she's a riddler
by Joseph Franzman December 02, 2009
When a dookie hits the side of the bowl first and curves around forming a signature question mark-looking shape
Dude! come look at this riddler before I flush it!
by JarrodB January 23, 2010
Typically refers to a guy who dresses in a completely inappropriate manner for a given social situation. In truth, a riddler cannot be defined, and is only fully understood once he is seen in person.
"Look at this fucking Riddler. Who the fuck wears white driving loafers, blue jeans, a tuxedo shirt, cardigan, and a god damn Yankees cap to a dive bar!?"
by Are2Dee2 November 22, 2010
When you love men but cant admit to doing so.......
That bloke who works one desk from the end called mark is definately a riddler
by SuperTrader March 05, 2009

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