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tuxedo shirt speed ball
A cheap alternative to speed ball that comes in from Mexico. It is growing in popularity in the South West, particularly Texas. Usually composed of equal parts mexican black tar heroin and low grade methamphetamine, so named do to the mottled appearance caused by the large course granules which are black (heroin) and white (meth), like the colors of a tuxedo shirt, also like the tuxedo shirt it seems to be particularly popular with lower class whites. Although usually smoked, it can also be snorted or injected, it is a favorite topic of the KDFW Fox 4 evening news who incessantly warm that it is invading our grade schools/middle schools.
If John Belushi had used the phrase 'git er done!' instead of make funny movies he would have overdosed on tuxedo shirt.
by UTD Hustla January 27, 2009
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