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A fairly knowledgeable RuneScape player, now seen mostly on FunOrb and mainly on Arcanists 14.
I just versed Rid in a team game on Arcanists.
by Lambent0 January 22, 2011
diarhea, runs or trots. Your body is getting rid of shit.
"I've had to change my underwear three times today due to rids".
by Matthew Burk January 25, 2005
Redneck improvised device. Any device improvised by a redneck. Usually involves the use of duct tape and aluminum foil. The amount of work put into said device is measured in the number of beers consumed throughout its creation.
Billy: How long did it take you to reupholster your couch with camoflauge duct tape?
Bobby: Oh I'd say ive got about a 12 pack in that R.I.D.
by Snubbs December 16, 2011
A product from Pfizer, used to remove crabs from your pubic area.
I went and bought some of that Rid to shampoo them crabs outta my shit.
by Bill February 14, 2004
slang for ritalin, an amphetamine widely available to highschool students.
I railed a few rid and was ready to go!
by sec_8 April 26, 2006
Republican In Denial, This refers to someone who claims to be a liberal but actions represent that of a conservative.
Dave's family voted for Obama but listening to them talk politics they're really just a bunch of R.I.D.'s
by Ripken82 July 12, 2011
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