a person who goes beyond creep status and would someday wear cut off jean shorts
"Holy moley look at Dan jackin off to Girl Scout Magazine!"

"What a fuckin Rick"
by Jeff Stuebinger January 24, 2009
A specific name for racist bus drivers who don't wait for poeple of different ethnic backrounds if they're a few seconds late, even though they are often late by twenty, plus minutes.
Rick: Asian poeple, why are you late?????
Asian Poeple: Because i am Asian...
Rick: Well make yourself more white.
Asian: Make me...
Rick: Okay
Asian: Thank you i made it myself
by Nick Saccary February 11, 2009
to completely and utterly screw something up so badly that it cannot be repaired. The result of sending in an idiot to deal with a burched situation.
That thing with Brenda is ricked. I'm just never going to call her again. It will be easier.
by Kyle Faber November 28, 2006
A name of a person that plays cyber games online. This person is also gay. They are also dumb, dirty, weird, confused, an asshole, and seem to take shits, 4 times a day.
1) Boy: Did you see this Military-Might guy on Habbo?

Girl: Who, RICK? Yeah I knew him, he quit Habbo because I left his military and everyone followed.

Boy: Wow, he's such a RICK. He's name describes himself perfectly.
by habbouserEr June 19, 2009
A generally tall, creepy, and lanky wanna be gangster with no penis. is solid at what he likes and doesnt get that being gay is against the law
Person 1: I was hanging with a Rick last night, he kinda creeped me out because where ever he was i was and he tried to get in the bathroom with me

Person 2: Do you need help?

Person 1: No, but the Rick does
by George Lambert October 17, 2009
A fat dick who looks like a giant leprechaun took a shit.
Person: Man did you that Rick.... dam it's stank as that girl's pussy!
by Niggasbetrippin' January 24, 2016
A spike-tailed dinosaur with a helmet head that doesn't take no shit.
"Girl whipped that tail like a Rick"
by Kerry Kuhpow November 18, 2015

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