Stands for Rhode Island College. This is a college loaded with Elementary Education majors, English majors who think they're extremely intelligent, and Phsycial Ed/Dance majors who are too dumb to become anything semi-serious. College is notorious for its' "7 year plan" because it's fucking impossible to get into any of the necessary classes required to graduate!
RIC Student: I go to RIC. I'm a 4th year Senior & when I graduate I'm going to be a teacher who makes NO money!

Brown Univ. Student: Moron...
by Frustrated November 01, 2005
Someone who is inlove with a sabrina the type of sabrina with curly brown hair, hot, beautiful both should be greek
person1: who is that ric with
person2: i think he is with a sabrina
by Likepelicanflybiatchh July 16, 2011
used as a shorter form of the word 'rock', the 'thats awesome' type rock, not the mineral.
"We ric ", "that rics ", "that picture rics out loud"
by Hannah Weiner January 11, 2009
Short for Rickenbacker
Man I wanna Ric so bad.
by DM3K April 19, 2005
Revolutionary Imperium of Caligula- the rightful masters of all that is The SF at WJU
Yes Yes master, we will do the will of the R.I.C.!!
by Grotius Antilius Caligula November 09, 2003

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