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A firefighter is a man or woman who is trained to put out fires, either in a building or wildland, as well as to provide medical care. A firefighter is either a volenteer, an on call, or career.
Whats this vincentv. guy thinkin, a firefighter is either a man or woman doesnt matter, ill say odds are he isnt a firefighter, hasnt been in any trainning, nothin, just thinks its so. Guys like him are fuckin duches, none of my captains would stand for that shit.
by BGthefirefighter January 15, 2008
Rapid Intervention Crew, or Rapid Intervention Team. A team or crew of atleast 2 firefighters who are kept at an incident scene as a reserve incase a firefighter gets trapped or lost in a dangerous enviorment. The RIC crew is the life line of the firefighters inside an incident building.
No firefighter should enter a building alone or without a RIC crew in place.
by BGthefirefighter January 15, 2008

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