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A person often confused as being the son of god.
Seb: Hey is that gods son?
Jacob: No it's not, it's just Rhye...
Leonardo: *pimp slaps Jacob for his insolence* "Just Rhye"? Do you not enjoy life? Because if you say something like that again yours will end!
by Some one better than you June 12, 2009
13 10
a balding football coach
"coach, your a proper Rhye"
by BB1899 November 14, 2008
7 7
The sexiest name and is so boss-like , it's impossible <3
"Holy shit . Did you see that Rhyes?" chick 1
"Ya dude , i fucked him last night . best ever ." chick 2
by SamanthaJenkinsz February 20, 2012
0 4