The act of performing oral sex on a women from behind by which your tongue enters her pussy while your nose jabs her cornhole, this also works in the prone position and the tongue enters the corhhole while your nose jabs her pussy
" I bent that naughty bitch over and gave her the rhino of her life"
by RhinoMaster October 08, 2008
a fat, grey, magical, UNICORN
I went to Africa, and I saw rhinos, lions, zebras, and cheetahs.
by Meepster April 04, 2015
A very hot guy. originated in the year of 2010 in the Bristol area, commonly used to describe a hot guy by the female species as a code between friends.
"Oh my..... look at that rhino"
"RHI to the NO"
by lilolil August 30, 2012
A collective noun with the same definition as "money". Another word for "money." The suburb term for money due to the lack of exciting events and images in suburban area. The word rhino adds excitement and thrill for the boring suburbans.
I wish I could go out to dinner with you, but I don't have any rhino.
by MiniVaka March 10, 2011
Pushing your forehead against someone else's forehead, starting a battle of who can push the other person with their forehead. It's like a war.
*putting forehead on other persons forehead and pushing* RHINO!

Carly is rhinoing Tyler right now and she's winning.
by THE MASTER RHINOIER February 01, 2014
verb: to rhino

to smoke weed, to be high
I hung out with elizabeth last night and we rhinoed.

smoked blazed
by bjkrckpnts September 20, 2011
Adj. A girl or woman who is extremly good looking, causing males to become erect, like a rhinoceros horn.
"hey man, look at that hottie over there!"
" whoa, total rhino!"
by T. revy March 16, 2014
persons whos a republican asshole simply becasue they either don't understand what republicans are really about or seek to distance themselves from the stgma attached to the left usaully caused by being brought up in a anti-itllectual conservative household

Republican In Name Only
that duchy brother in-law that married the dumbest sister, thats a rhino
by memphian rebel December 17, 2010

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