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A pretty girl that is a slut. Pretty, but not rare. You can get some anywhere.
Guy: "That girl a 10. I'd get with her."
Girl: "Nah boy don't do that. She a rhinestone. She pretty but she got that dirty snatch."
by klikklak January 16, 2011
An ugly girl's vagina.
'Man, she's ugly, shes blatently got a rhinestone.'

'I was fucking this fat ugly chick the other night, and her rhinestone just squirted at me.'

Ahhh a rhinestone, the perfect way to a flaccid penis.
by the rhinestone master June 10, 2010
A code word for wanting to be in private, or so you can communicate something about another person without them knowing...
Person one 'Rhinestone'
Person two *dissapears*
by chesticles5678 October 16, 2009
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