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To sugar one's anus, either in a hair-removal capacity or as a foreplay activity.
I'm so glad I got a Rhiannon done on my undercarriage before my big date." Or, "My new girlfriend is really into food play. One more Rhiannon and I'm going to develop diabetes for sure.
by darkdrift September 20, 2010
Rhiannon is a friend to two extremely cool people. She is very kind, pretty, funny, outgoing and sexay. She is also a good horse rider but smells of digested cheese.
Person 1: 'Hey look, its Rhiannon!'
Person 2: ' I know, I can smell her from here!'
by FoxyDog August 20, 2010
She is a cow that nobody likes

She can be an asshole at times
She might be nice to begin with then when you get to know her she turns moody .
Is often ginger, which is why she is a hot head that goes mad all the time.
She must be a Rhiannon
by Louisebrown2k9 December 04, 2010