A human being who is a true poon slayer. You cannot or will not get on his level for if you do then he will choke slam you back down to the lower levels.
Daniel-Get on Rex's level!
Josh- I can't thats impossible......
by Tyler from Memphis December 08, 2011
A unit of measurement used to define length, weight, power pressure, and currency. These measurements include MicroRex, CentiRex, KiloRex, DeciRex, MilliRex, MegaRex, GigaRex, TerraRex, DecaRex, MacroRex and Rex.

The numerical values for all means of measurement are based on the T Rex. Jaw Pressure, height, width, length, mass, and BTU's are all defined by those directly equivalent to that of a T Rex.
Feet no longer exist, except for the ones at the end of your legs. All previous values of measurement have been eliminated. Making way for the universal Rex. Feet, meters, joules, pressure, miles, grams, liters, gallons, inches, watts, all of it is now a Rex
by Eurocat March 09, 2011
The coolest guy on the planet. Creator of Rexx's Site of Crud, Rex's xtra stufu, The Rejects, Humo the Sumo, Sheswah, ect.fused with "Rex"
Rex...your just so...rex.
by mr.mann November 19, 2003
Red Xs. Refers to the image Internet Explorer displays when it can't download an image.
What an idiot, he tried to post some pictures of himself, but they're all rexes.
by Evil Timmy April 24, 2003
In motorcycling parlance the nickname for the Kawasaki ZRX1100R or ZRX1200R (and less often the ZRX1100 /1200S). The rex is a motorcycle that manage to make every rider look cool even if when not on said mount he's exactly the opposite.
Hey Jeff ... when d'you get the rex ? Woooaaaahhh, what's that a carbon Akrapovic too ? Sorted dude !
by Ramsay Tupper March 24, 2005
A type of underwear with scented, as well as thickened fabric to support the utter grossness of the roast beef pussy underneath. Usually used when an individual's pussy-lips become so swollen that they put off a potent odor that stings the nostril.
When Trenton continued to bitch, bitch, bitch.. Joshua told him to go put on his Rex and get the Fabreez out of the closet.
by sooheavy March 01, 2011
Shortened form of anorexic.
She's such a REX, she can walk through a jail cell.
by Steve 6-16 March 22, 2009

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