1. Terrible Chicago Bears quarterback.

2. The most raw, sexy asian homecoming prince ever.
1. Man that Rex can't make a pass.

2. Rex is awesome.
by conan ray July 03, 2008
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A type of underwear with scented, as well as thickened fabric to support the utter grossness of the roast beef pussy underneath. Usually used when an individual's pussy-lips become so swollen that they put off a potent odor that stings the nostril.
When Trenton continued to bitch, bitch, bitch.. Joshua told him to go put on his Rex and get the Fabreez out of the closet.
by sooheavy March 01, 2011
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This is the idiot of all idiots. He thinks he is a stud but he's really a dud. Was likely named after the fathers childhood dog
Rex is a dumbass
by I like Tucker April 24, 2017
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