the generic name of any dog named by a person lacking creativity. or the generic name of any dog on a television show or cartoon.
kid 1 "is that your dog"

kid 2 "yeah his names rex"
by nativenick October 06, 2006
noun: rex
adj: rexy

One who avoids food for the purpose of achieving skeletal sexiness.
If you want to be a hot bitch, you better become a rex. Otherwise you should just commit suicide.
by team anus November 24, 2003
A deification left by man's best friend. Usually a dog.
Blue;my Australian Shepherd,left a rex on the living room floor. Or was it Wayne,who stayed the night?.
by Tom Landox November 28, 2006
Rex is an alcoholic with schizophrenia, who lives in a mechanically disturbed environment, and who enjoys the occaisonal suicide attempt.
I am Rex's imaginary friend.
by Fairy Sacks November 24, 2003
A nigga and a person who Ludacris wants to slap.
I know it's strange
But my brain's gone really insane
And I'm off the chain
Sipping on a fifth of the Golden Grain
I feel like slappin a Rex today (slap slap)
Slappin a Rex today
I feel like slappin a Rex today (slap slap)
Slappin a Rex today
Slappin a Rex today
by Supah Mario May 08, 2008
A gay hollywood hobo who really sucks ass
Good luck in Hollywood, don't become a Rex
by Robert Smith October 24, 2003
Rex Need to take a chill pill
Rex thinks he is all tough, but he needs a chill pill
by Rex Machine March 11, 2003
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