1: A death trap for people with skis.

2: Something not to let little children play in.

3: Something zombies hate, due to the reason that, while one pushes on the right side, another pushes on the left.
1: "Mommy! Look at me!"
"Tommy, no!"

2: "Billy got stuck in the revolving door."

3: "Urrhh!" - zombie 1
"Raaghhh!" - zombie 2
by Orphans January 11, 2005
A door that..goes revolvie..
"Aino and it's damn revolving door.. Stupid ass people."
by Jupi February 22, 2003
when the female of the species is so coked up that she keeps tossing around in bed, causing the male to constantly switch between the anus and the vagina for sexual gratification. Usually results in blue balls for the male.
After blowin an eightball with a stripper, Ed got stuck in the revolving door all night trying to rock a nut!
by bebalicious March 04, 2005
Someone who really doesn't have a sexual preference
Mary:Have you asked out Tom yet?

Jack:He said his door didn't swing that way.

Luis:I'm up for it Jack.

Mary:Luis, you are such a revolving door.
by Tim and Joe April 05, 2009
During sex, a man pulls out, cums on a woman and slips it back in much like leaving a building and returning via a revolving door.

Can apply to anal or vaginal sex.
Tom pulled out and came on her belly but it was so good, he had to slide back in for a little more. He treated her pussy like a revolving door.
by The Cultured Deviant September 17, 2016
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