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1. apparatus for the average teenage daughter to talk about incoherent things for hours on end.

2. something that will haunt you if you owe money to the government, bank loans, loan sharks, friends, accidents at the local pet store you work for, or perhaps your school for the mysterious fire.
1. "Shannon... GET OFF THE PHONE!"

2. "No Mr. Johnson, my son did not suck the hamsters up with a vacuum cleaner.
by Orphans January 11, 2005
Something that should never be said to an officer of the law...
"Son, where's your licence?"
"...son, I'm going to have you ask you to step out of the car."
by Orphans January 11, 2005
nonsense word meaning a number of nothings that will confuse you and the person who is reading this, which would be you

"My Lanuwaffen is down my pants!"
by Orphans February 06, 2005
What Superman would be if he was a Nazi.
"I AM UBERMAN!" - kid down the street.
by Orphans January 11, 2005
1: A death trap for people with skis.

2: Something not to let little children play in.

3: Something zombies hate, due to the reason that, while one pushes on the right side, another pushes on the left.
1: "Mommy! Look at me!"
"Tommy, no!"

2: "Billy got stuck in the revolving door."

3: "Urrhh!" - zombie 1
"Raaghhh!" - zombie 2
by Orphans January 11, 2005
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