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Dr. Peter Buttram, urologist, proctologist, says:

I do NOT recommend anal sex. However, if you must...

1. Wash up before sex -- especially the anus.

2. Use a condom.

3. Wash up immediately after sex -- especially the anus and the penis.

4.Especially avoid Reverse Anal.
The correct order for triorafice sex is:

1. Oral (felattio, cunninlingus)

2. Coitus (penis & vagina)

3. Anal (penis in condom in anus)

Don't stick the tongue or fingers or unprotected penis in the anus.

Reverse Anal is:

1. Anal (penis in anus -- especially if unprotected)

2. Coitus (poopy penis in vagina)

3. Oral (poopy, pussified penis in woman's mouth.

Reverse Anal for gayboys is:

1. Unprotected Anal.

2. Oral.


Don't say to me, "Doctor, WHY did this happen to me?"
by Peter Buttram June 25, 2006
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When you have anal sex immediately before other forms of sex.
Dick and Peter did some reverse anal last night, and now they are sick in the hospital.
by Gomer Pyle, USMC June 29, 2006
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after eating a big meal shit comes out of your ass. because anal sex requires something to go in the ass, reverse anal is something coming out.
jim i'll be right back i have to do reverse anal with my dinner
by jonathan smith October 20, 2005
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When one shits out a penis.
Brian Krakow was surprised to find that when defecated, a large fallic object came out of his butt hole, therefore committing reverse anal sex.
by penisbreathonmychestbutt December 01, 2009
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When, during a coital interlock with a man or woman, a cock is driven down the esophagus and exits through the anus like a tasty sex kabob
Montgumery: Reverse anal? Baby, you gonna stick it in my ass already?!
Washington: Suga Ima' stick it OUT yo ass!
by Shitlord December 07, 2009
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