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5 definitions by Shitlord

See: Touch Base (usually in business, to talk to someone in order to find out how they are or what they think about something)
Hey, I'm just calling to see if you'd like to grab lunch before the meeting and touch dicks about what kind of approach we're going to take with our new offer so I can make sure our balls are in the same court.
by Shitlord July 24, 2010
21 5
A hug so exhilarating, at least one person in participation has an orgasm.
Becca is the hugjob queen
by Shitlord August 05, 2009
18 5
To owe so much sex that you're... "in the hole"
Your mom is so deep in skankruptcy with me I think she may have to take out a whoredgage.
by Shitlord July 19, 2010
7 2
When you cum inside someones poop
Oprah only has an orgasm when you give her a Salt Lake Shitty
by Shitlord August 01, 2009
21 16
When, during a coital interlock with a man or woman, a cock is driven down the esophagus and exits through the anus like a tasty sex kabob
Montgumery: Reverse anal? Baby, you gonna stick it in my ass already?!
Washington: Suga Ima' stick it OUT yo ass!
by Shitlord December 07, 2009
7 14