Asking someone else out on your bitch ex-girlfriend's birthday, then showing the new girl off in front of her.

(Works only if you were the one dumped and the girl is having second thoughts, or was a total bitch but still wants you.)
Evan: So Harley, have you met Emily?

Harley: Um, no... Hi.

Emily: Hello

Evan: Well, we should probably go... we have a movie to catch, a dinner to eat, and awesome sex to have. Bye Harley!

Harley: :'(


Emily: What was that all about?

Evan: That, my dear, was revenge.
by Entr' Acte November 24, 2009
Being at an awesome pool party with the girl of your dreams, then leaving her for a while, only to see her wading in the pool with another guy.

Seeing that, you decide to mingle with other girls in hopes that she will notice you, but you end up hitting on the wrong woman - the fiancee of a war freak.

You then end up with a chair thrown to your face.

And the worst part? You dreamgirl was just talking to a family friend the whole time.
Ian: "Hey Jed, who's that guy Jessica is talking to in the pool?"

Jed: "I don't recognize him. I think he might be hitting on her."

Ian: "What the hell, man. I gotta take revenge on her now. Let's see, who else here looks as good as her?"

*hits on an ugly girl then gets a chair thrown to his face*

Jessica: "Ian are you alright?? What happened??"

Ian: "You were hitting on that guy in the pool."

Jessica: "Oh, the celebrant's cousin? He's a good friend of mine! We were just talking about you, actually."

Ian: "Oh fucker."
by c'est si bon August 13, 2009
A dish best served cold.
"The viscous victim has lost his hold, revenge is a dish that's best served cold!"
by DoomMan83 June 22, 2014
To live long enough to become a problem for your children.
Your kids give you a hard time? Well, time is on your side. When enough years pass, you will have your revenge.
by Dejan M March 30, 2008
1) the closest drive to true evil
2) a type of response brought on by pride, or other emotional weakness-such as inability to handle reality
if a bad person can't harm people anymore, what reason do you have to take revenge?
by badavenger September 17, 2011
What everyone uses as an excuse to go the way of an avenger!
Itachi: I pwned your family, n00b!
Sasuke: I kill you!
(Sasuke prepares Chidori)
Sasuke: I asplode your head with Chidori!
(Sasuke charges Itachi)
Sasuke: Revenge be mine!
(Itachi dodges)
Itachi: You lack... hate. Tsukuyomi!
Sasuke: (mind-raped) I iz in a coma! Nooooooooo!
by Anonymous Legend October 12, 2009
Revenge is usually seen as getting back at someone for something they did to you in the past.

It is usually "settling the scores", "getting even", but in most cases it involves getting a bit ahead, adding more, etc..

If someone slaps you in 1991.. You beat the crap out of him in 2001.. It's kinda like that..

Some people see it as too much and seek revenge by not doing anything to that person, but simply getting rich, famous, popular, influential while the other person is an alcoholic bum on the street and rubbing it on him directly on directly.

They say revenge is sweet.
"Revenge is the syrup of our lives" - Ken Muslimovic.
by Heinz November 09, 2003

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