Revenge is usually seen as getting back at someone for something they did to you in the past.

It is usually "settling the scores", "getting even", but in most cases it involves getting a bit ahead, adding more, etc..

If someone slaps you in 1991.. You beat the crap out of him in 2001.. It's kinda like that..

Some people see it as too much and seek revenge by not doing anything to that person, but simply getting rich, famous, popular, influential while the other person is an alcoholic bum on the street and rubbing it on him directly on directly.

They say revenge is sweet.
"Revenge is the syrup of our lives" - Ken Muslimovic.
by Heinz November 09, 2003
the BEST feeling in the world. better than love and sex combined. to feel good about yourself and taking pleasure of the opponents suffering. usually by getting back at someone who has harmed you in the past. can be mentally or physically, or both.
victim: oh no, i have been beaten
enemy: har har har

victim: ah ha! i am better than you and having a fun life, time to let my buddies beat to beat you up, revenge is mine!

enemy: oh no, im emotionally unstable and my life sucks and now even worse, the dude i beat up long ago and hated has brought his buddies to beat me up aieeee!!!!
by Irvin McWhorter July 28, 2006
A baby with a dingo in its mouth.
There is no example necessary.
by Janis January 26, 2005
1.)To get even with some one who in the past may of have hurt you.
2.)One of the worst of hurting you is in the heart when some one you truly love changes you for some one else thats when u cant think of anything but pay-back.
3.)When another person might of slapped, kicked, punched, etc... and you want that person to pay for it double the time they hurt you.
Like I Said...PAY-BACK is a BITCH.
by NARKILLA03 November 11, 2004
to want to do something sick and evil to someone who did something equally bad to you; that urge you get in the bottom of your heart when the person in front of you gets the last tickets to a concert; see: My Chemical Romance.
"I'm going to seek revenge on the guy who invented the diet."

"Seeking revenge is the new black".
by sum chick May 25, 2005

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