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A device used to filter air so you can breath good air. Used mostly while in areas with aerosol, pesticides, poisons.. ect..
Ah, I got me a new respirator for some schlaggin yo!
by Windexter April 20, 2003
This is were you have someone lie down and open their mouth. Then the donor pulls of their pants and farts into the recipient's mouth. The recipient then inhails the gas.
Can be done without recipient's permission, but that is not advised. This is very populator in some parts of Michigan.
So I was diving with Brando and my tank ran out of air, he noticed and motioned me to open my mouth...I don't know why I closed my eyes but I did and the next thing I know was he gave me a Respirator...It tasted bad and I still couldn't breath...
by JHD May 16, 2006
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