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Plastic devices containing bronchiodialaiting drugs (salbutamol sulphate being the most common) that relieve bronchospasm in asthmatic people. May also be prescribed to relieve chest pains for people with a Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease.

Also, there are inhalers that contain corticosteroids that can help prevent attacks amongst asthmatic people and are used to help stimulate the lung tissues of those with other chronic conditions or diseases such as emphesyma.
That girl was having another asthma attack and so she had to use her blue inhaler.
by Jonny3 September 07, 2006
It is used to refer to something that exists to something else as an essential constituent.
The frog is alive and respiration is inherent to that fact.
by Jonny3 September 07, 2006
Essential life process where oxygen reacts with glucose from the food that you eat to provide your body with energy. The two by-products of this process are carbon dioxide, which is exhaled along with the rest of the harmless gases that entered your lungs but did not diffuse into your blood, and water.

Not to be confused with breathing, which is how the oxygen enters the body.
If you cannot breathe, oxygen cannot enter your lungs and therefore cannot diffuse into your blood. With no oxygen your cells cannot respire and will therefore die.


Oxygen + Glucose -> Energy + Carbon Dioxide + Water
by Jonny3 September 07, 2006

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