What's her name?
Need it for some research.
by Dean Incestor February 19, 2014
to Google something, then Google it again after realizing the phrasing of your first search could have negative implications if your computer was ever seized and searched
Betty realized that "carpet blood stains" was a bad choice of words after hitting Enter, so she re-searched "bloody nose clean up" right away.
by jNOTh February 25, 2011
a fancy word for finding answers online
Hey did you do some research on that essay?

Ya man, I found a website with all the essay topics!
by skippyloverboy April 10, 2012
To enter search phrases into google until you find information that reinforces your preconcieved prejudice.
Do your research, and you might wake up to the fact that reptilian humanoids are manufacturing genetically modified vaccines in their FEMA death camps and injecting aborted human fetus tissue in Pumpkin Spice lattes so the toxins make your brains mushier and easy to slurp through a straw.
by Mizta Mizta April 17, 2015
speculation; what the emergent tree shrews of the blogosphere do as they push aside the source-checking, story-verifying, reality-worshipping dinosaurs of the mainstream media.
Recent research indicates that Barack Obama's ties to Al Qaeda have been corroborated. (Stephen Colbert)
by Shuzuluza December 29, 2007
A common excuse for the usage of kieranic images.
When Kieran was caught setting a trap for young players he claimed that he was doing 'research'.

Slevboy: What are you doing?
Kieran: Setting up a trap for young players for 'research' purposes.
Slevboy: I wouldn't do that or I shall be forced to sewell slap you!
by Slevboy March 26, 2004

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