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What's her name?
Need it for some research.
by Dean Incestor February 19, 2014
a fancy word for finding answers online
Hey did you do some research on that essay?

Ya man, I found a website with all the essay topics!
by skippyloverboy April 10, 2012
speculation; what the emergent tree shrews of the blogosphere do as they push aside the source-checking, story-verifying, reality-worshipping dinosaurs of the mainstream media.
Recent research indicates that Barack Obama's ties to Al Qaeda have been corroborated. (Stephen Colbert)
by Shuzuluza December 29, 2007
A common excuse for the usage of kieranic images.
When Kieran was caught setting a trap for young players he claimed that he was doing 'research'.

Slevboy: What are you doing?
Kieran: Setting up a trap for young players for 'research' purposes.
Slevboy: I wouldn't do that or I shall be forced to sewell slap you!
by Slevboy March 26, 2004