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Discreet term, or code name, for a session of 'hows your father'
I'm going to do some "research" before i go to sleep
by gorbs November 10, 2005
Increasingly, research seems to be showing that in most cases people's beliefs have little to do with the weight of the evidence.
Increasing "research?"

What does "increasingly" mean?
Definition 1:
Excessive and tedious study used so that students with little more than hot air between their ears can keep up with the smarter ones. It's pretty much an excuse to reword someone else's work using a bibliography.

Definition 2:
An uncommon slang term for masturbation. Often said in a "sarcastic" way.
Def 1:
Man, the mental kid has a better grade than me! He must do a lot of research!

Def 2:
Guy 1: Hey man, can I come over after school?
Guy 2: Naw, call me 30 minutes after. My parents aren't home, so I'm gonna do some... research...
Guy 1: Research?
Guy 2: Uhh... yeah!

30 minutes later:

Guy 1: How'd your research go?
Guy 2: It started out slow, but I found a ton of information. It got a bit messy, so I jumped out at the last second and forgot to cite my sources!


Man, the mental kid has a better grade than me! He must do a lot of research!
by sp0rk December 23, 2004
To become an expert on something after having done a Google search and 10 minutes reading on the internet.
Doctor, I have eczema. I've done some research and I'm sure it's from heavy metal poisoning from the mercury in my filings.
by mizanthrop September 12, 2014
plagiarizing from MANY different sources
I did my research by plagiarizing.
by kwang June 06, 2003
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