To avoide doing or even thinking about something you want to do very much. The main reason for not doing it is fear of guilt or losing the respect from a parent or peer. In fact, you make yourself believe that you really don't even want to do the thing you are repressing.
Shasha: "Cindy, do you want to go clubbing and get wasted? Maybe we will pick up some guys."

Cindy:" No, my mom won't approve and dancing and guys shouldn't be appealing to me anyway. I think I will stay home, knit and drink water. Yeah! that sounds much more fun!"

Shasha (to self) : "She has repression bad"
by Happiness is the Best February 29, 2012
Annoying portmanteau developed by some economists to describe an economic "recession" that threatens to develop into a "depression."
"We've suffered through a recession, now we're in a repression. If we don't do something, we'll be in a depression!"
by An Onyx Mouse May 22, 2009
The unconscious exclusion of painful impulses, sexual acts, or desires with Jason from the conscious mind.
If it wasn't for repression I would have to kill myself for what I did last night.
by Anonymous February 23, 2005

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