A fat worthless security guard who makes 7 $ an hour, usually has no gun becuase they can,t afford one, sits on a bench waiting for something exciting to happen. tries to act like he has higher authority then everyone else. but gets paid lower then minumim wage.
rent a cop hey you there stop running
(kids keep running)
rent a cop runs after them but fails
(kids laugh at him)
rent a cop get back here or I arrest you
(kids) "with what you don,t have anything except a flashlight"
rent a cop "with my my my my my my "LEAVE THE STORE OR I CALL THE REAL POLICE"
(kids) okay
rent a cop " tries to call the police but no service
"kids laugh"
"rent a cop "to embarassed to say anything walks away
by don,tshoveyourstickdownthre March 05, 2013
A obnoxious cop with a very large "ego" who is nothing but a waste of space in the police district. These low lives would rather stuff their faces with donuts at a nearby krispy creme or take a nice stroll into the neighborhood and arrest anyone for just about anything than perform their jobs properly. They enjoy harrassing citizens instead of helping them in a time of need. They are very adament about one's situation. Also dubbed as "donut eating bastards."
Cop: Let's see here...who can i harrass today? *officer targets a bunch of teens chatting* Cop: *shouts out window* Go home to your fucking mother! It's curfew! *cop drives off* Girl: It's 4:00 pm you stupid rent-a-cop!!!
by xnamidax October 31, 2011
Fake cop, wannbe cop, security gaurd. Black ghetto security gaurd (that will never happpen)
i got my ass shot by one of them gay ass rent-a-cops.
by G-unit May 02, 2003
punk muthafuka who thinks he's a fuckin cop when all he does is sits on his ghetto ass and raids the coffee machine in the employee lounge
If no one was around, I woulda killed that rent a cop for holding me on fake bullshit that i never did.
by DJ SCRIZZLE November 20, 2003
not good enough to be "bacon" so a rent a cop is classified as "SPAM"
Hey dude, look! There's Destry. Let's yell at him. HEY SPAM!
by fruitbat April 01, 2004
After some intense fourplay You tell your woman that you'll be right back and you head to the garage and flip all of the breakers off simulating the power going out. You grab your trusty flashlight (must be Maglite brand) and run back to the room. With all of the comotion she should be just as hot and there is nothing else to do, but proceed. In middle of going down on her, incorporate your trusty maglite into the mix, handle side, without her knowledge of what it is. When she asks why is it so cold and so hard, just turn on the light and say "Maglite baby!"
Donald: "Hey, what did you do last night?"

Joe: "Our power went out and I banged my girl with my maglite!"

Donald: "So you played a real Rent-A-Cop huh, what she do, fix your sail sack ."
by rounder222 December 20, 2006
Public Safety, Constables (US), Code Enforcement, Safety Patrol, Bay Constables, any uniformed federal agency, railroad/airport/transit police, etc


ALL security guards, special police.
Rent-a-cop are people who lack the skills to be real cops.
by No Name USA November 21, 2005
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