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the popcorn that falls under your ass when you are in a theatre.
Dude, stop eating that nasty asscorn!
by cheesemaster February 19, 2005
When mongoloids spontaniously explode.
That mongsplosion took out the white house!
by cheesemaster February 18, 2005
The "cool" place to be
Mysty, Arcane, Ameph, and CG7 fanboys everywhere!
It's up to Infernal, Kenri, Magna and the rest of the YSB to elimante these fanboys, and bring peace to the YSB
Fanboy 1: Ameph, I love you! <3 I want to se><ors j00 in teh face!!!!shift!!!1oneshift!!
Infernal: DIE N00B!
by CheeseMaster October 30, 2003
Ricci's lover
Rent a Cop - "Ricci, pull down your pants now!"
Ricci - "YES SIR! I'd be VERY happy to pull down my pants and show my inerection to you sir!"
Rent a cop - "Good bitch! ^.^"
by CheeseMaster October 30, 2003

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