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When your scrotal sack sticks to each side of inner thighsl usually due to long term sitting or swass and when you stand up it resembles the full sails of the Black Pearl.
"Man, I was working in the office all day and when I got up my sail sack had me thinking of my next vacation."
#sack #scrotum #sale sack #bags #balls
by rounder222 December 20, 2006
After some intense fourplay You tell your woman that you'll be right back and you head to the garage and flip all of the breakers off simulating the power going out. You grab your trusty flashlight (must be Maglite brand) and run back to the room. With all of the comotion she should be just as hot and there is nothing else to do, but proceed. In middle of going down on her, incorporate your trusty maglite into the mix, handle side, without her knowledge of what it is. When she asks why is it so cold and so hard, just turn on the light and say "Maglite baby!"
Donald: "Hey, what did you do last night?"

Joe: "Our power went out and I banged my girl with my maglite!"

Donald: "So you played a real Rent-A-Cop huh, what she do, fix your sail sack ."
#maglite #maglight #flashlight #cop #police officer #security
by rounder222 December 20, 2006
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