something thats just down right NASTY!!
A tramp walks along the pavement and picks up apiece of dog doo doo Thats RENK!! IN A BIZZLE PEEPS!!
by Niffty? October 24, 2005
Top Definition
Basically it's another word for cheeky or cocky.
Jay says: "Your face looks like a slapped ass"

Alesha says: "Don't get renk boi or i will bitch slap ya black ass!"
by GAn95tA September 28, 2006
Renk is another word for faisty or cheeky meaning saying things an not caring who it offends
Your teeth are so yellow i cant believe its not butter (this is a renk saying
by Charlene n Dan July 15, 2003
"Renk" is a beautifully humourous word to say off the tongue. It describes someone who smells of stale piss in Jamaican patois and is very often used with the word facety.
"Goh clean owt de tylit, cah it renk"
Translation: Please clean the loo because it currently contains a foul urine-like odour.

"Moooove!!, yuh too renk"
Translation: Leave my presence on the double! you are far too cheeky
"Yuh too pussycleet renk un facety"
Translation: You are extremely bad-mannered & bold with your rudeness, especially to elders.
by Miarosc Fala September 05, 2012
Yes it does mean rude, feisty, out-of-order etc. But I think the original meaning was someone who stinks of piss.
De ole drunkard renk.
by Urbandel September 28, 2010
a reddish pink color that the facebook that uses to display the stupid hearts.
sydney thinks she came up with the word renk but didn't.
by someone cooll September 05, 2010
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