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A Dutch name, normally given to beautifully looking people. Remco implies that a person is awesome.
I bet his name is Remco!
by PCFF January 20, 2011
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A Remco is a person who is completely mentally retarded. Not being able to speak in normal language.

Commonly found in Germany
He look, a german!
No, that's a Remco!
by Janeejanee February 17, 2010
Remco is derived from the terms Remtard and Malco (mal co-ordinated).
It is the equivalent of calling someone a remtarded malco. Someone who is remedial, retarded and clumsy as shit.

Maltard can also be used.
"hey that retard just tripped up!"
"What a Remco."
by AC-JC December 20, 2006
Its a Dutch word. It means: Someone who thinks he's good. But he isnt't. Its a typpical Dutch word. Where they say: "Wat een prutser, wat een remco!". Its like retard,loser in Dutch.
A: Do you see that guy moving around like a ape?
B: Yes, what a remco!
by Erwind1991 June 21, 2007

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