the common misspelling of the band "Relient K" named after band member Matthew Hoopes' Chrysler Reliant K; the band changed the "a" to "e" fearing copyright law
"The Christian rock band Relient K is spelled with an 'e' not an 'a'. When speled with an 'a' it is referring to the Chrysler Reliant K"
by relient k fan February 18, 2006
Top Definition
A super sweet sedan made by Chrysler in the mid 1980's. See Aries K.
I took my Reliant K to Pimp My Ride and they said NO!
by Ogre BL August 19, 2005
Car made by Chrysler in the 1980's. Not to be confused with the band, Relient K.

She listened to Relient K while driving her Reliant K.
by C-Mills May 13, 2007
1. a sedan made by Chrysler

2. a misspelling of the super-sweet christian/rock band, Relient K.
1. i drive a reliant k
2. i like the band reliant k even though i dont know how to spell the name of the band
by la crav June 11, 2006
A very very good band! who makes good music! and they have meaningful words! they're christian! listen.
i've been housing all this doubt
and insecurity
i've been locked inside that house
to where you hold the key
i've been dying to get out
this might be the death of me
by thisisanna July 23, 2005
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