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(v.) - A man who advocates homophobia and the gay to straight transition while being closeted himself. Usage: (past)He rekersed on his vacation and came back with herpes.

(proper noun) A person who advocates the transition from homosexual to straight. A person who is bigotted. A closeted person who is selft hating and loathing. A person who believes that family values only consists of a man and a woman living together.
(v.) (past)He rekersed on his vacation and came back with herpes. (present) He is rekersing in Bermuda with some teenage boy. (future) I can't wait for my vacation so I can rekers with that boy from

(n.) Rekers is such a dick.
by WordSmith82 May 05, 2010
Also called the "long stroke," the reker is a complicated sex act consisting of a caress across the penis, thigh, and anus over the butt cheeks. Favorite sex act of George Rekers, an anti-gay activist, co-founder of the Family Research Council, and fan of gay prostitutes.
Oh Lucien, come give big daddy George a reker.
by jesuscame May 13, 2010
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