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A kind and intelligent male, usually handsome and in his mid thirties, who makes sexual advances on every attractive woman he comes across, regardless of political, planetary, or potentialy alienistic consequenses.
Guy1: Hey, did you hear about what Jim did with Joan last night?
Guy2: Ya, I heard he pulled a Riker on her.
by nickdummy September 23, 2008
Rikers' Island, the infamous correctional facility/holding area for the NYC Metro area for 70 years. It is located north of Queens.
Usually, you won't go to Rikers' unless you get charged with a felony.
by T-Dog Jenkins May 07, 2005
Riker: noun: an under 35 year-old hipster with a beard.

Derived from the beard worn by Willaim Riker, 1st Officer on the Starship Enterprise.
Dude, I never would have suspected that Daniel Bejar was a Riler, 'til I saw him on the cover of Fader.

Dude, I'm so sick of these Riker's on Myspace asking me to be friends with their shitty experimental bands. gawd.
by Kip B April 11, 2006
A prison on an island off New York in which all of the criminals and thugz go to and a place that many rap artists have went or some claimed to have went.
Over Zealous Cop: Your gonna be spending the rest of your life in Rikers.
by Sean the G April 05, 2006
The former lieutenant-commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and now captain of the U.S.S. Titan, Riker served under Jean-Luc picard for many years. He is very unorthodox, and is married to Deanna Troi.
Jean-Luc Picard: I've just been paid a visit from Q.
William T. Riker: Q? Any idea what he's up to?
Jean-Luc Picard: He wants to do something nice for me.
Riker nods
William T. Riker: I'll alert the crew.
by crazyrabbits August 08, 2006
(pronounced Ri’-ker): n: an under 35 year-old male with dark hair and a beard.

Have you seen Jake Gyllenhaal lately? He's totally gone Riker!!!
by Kip Berman March 29, 2006
(verb) To successfully or unsuccessfully attempt to mate with a female you just met.
"He Rikered the Hell out of that." - Wil Wheaton
"He totally Rikered her Man!" - LeVar Burton
by Random definitions. May 31, 2013
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