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An awesome french name typically given to a female but can also be used for males. The name, when given to a girl, means "Queen like." Rejeans are normally happy, optimistic and sweet. They enjoy the arts and trying new things. They also love hugs.
Person 1: What's your name?
Person 2: Rejean *Gives person 1 a hug*

Not a common name.
by eggsandspam December 31, 2013
A french boy who really wants to, one day, become a man but will just never make it because he lacks motivation, dedication, intelligence, integrity, and willpower.
1st Dude: "Hey will Rejean be coming to work tonight?"

2nd Dude: "No he called in with another one of his shitty excuse's"

1st Dude: "Sounds like Rejean"

2nd Dude:"Sure does"
by yourgfsbf June 01, 2010
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