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a very nerdy child, usually sitting in his room playing world of warcraft. a reimer is also referred to as a lv 60 gnome warrior. :)
Reimer is a lv 60 gnome warrior
by rwetweywy September 12, 2006
The last name of the chosen one. If in a pair of siblings, the youngest is the heir to the throne of chosen-ness. They will also be the coolest person in the world.
I was lucky enough to meet a guy with the last name Reimers, and he was the the coolest guy in the world.
by chosenone24 December 30, 2011
butt fucking, usually between two guys
If you drop the soap in prison you will get an unwanted reimer.
by Cupid Sullivan November 06, 2004
Another name for a rim job, particularly in substitution for a blow job.
Richard: ''You owe me 4 blow jobs.''
Craig: ''How about I give you two reimers instead?!''
by Max Steel September 18, 2008
a Reimer is an adult male who still enjoys online gaming and may even be a level 80 tarutaru white mage sub red mage and very stubborn
that Reimer just saved that tanks ass out there!
by Angel83 June 14, 2011
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