Gorgeous, smart, unique, & lovable. Is really good with becoming friends with others. Is very fashionable. Is very lovable. Gets compliments daily. Has haters trying to put her down but she always keeps her head up high. Always has that special glow that makes her stand out & doesn't mind being different.
Regina wonders why there are haters when you can be a lover ?
by Bitches_hate_24/7 February 20, 2013
a beautiful petite girl who loves having fun and laughs and smiles a lot. with a sexy ass as well.
Guy #1: Dude she's so gorgeous

Me: She must be a Regina.
by Samiam3432 January 14, 2012
A beautiful girl with huge titts. She has beautiful eyes and unique ethnicity. She's the biggest bitch you'll ever meet but she's honest. Every boy wish they could fuck her or tittie fuck her.
boy1: Is that Regina?
boy2: Yeah, I saw her first. ;)
by emp4562 June 13, 2010
Drug addict that doesn't do anything. Still lives at home. They are generally easy on the eye. Never a steady boyfriend. Usually a single mother. Regina's feel good if they pull someone else's boyfriend. Regina's usually are self centered and have no remorse. Athletic and semi smart. They also seem to be followers not leaders
Like when you have Xanax for sale... Regina.

Penis pleaser.. Regina
by Jenn358641 January 24, 2014
The capital of Saskatchewan, Canada! It has some neat attractions, such as the Imax Science Center, the Legislative Building, the infestation of Canadian Geese, etc. But the true heart of the city lies in Downtown.

Of course, the only problem with this city is the absolutely disgusting amount of drunk, homeless, beat-down piece of shit assholes who wander the streets of downtown and completely ruin it for everybody. I, myself, can't even bring myself to have a good time downtown at night with a few friends without the risk of getting mugged by the friggin' "Indians Posse". The downtown area is also prone to attracting (often native) assholes from the North-Central area of town (Which was also named the worst place to live in Canada by Macleans Magazine), and beautiful areas like the Cathedral Area are suffering for it.

Though the downtown area has it's perks like the Vintage Vinyl shop and the Cornwall Center mall, it's still going downhill. As for the rest of the town, it's pretty good. Pretty boring, but still good.

So there you have it, the definition of Regina from a citizens point of view.
Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan? What a joke! It isn't half as good as Saskatoon!
by Regina Man May 24, 2007
An asian girl with black hair. She may pronounce her name with a spanish accent and is not very good at guitar hero. She can play one song, Cliffs of Dover, and is continuously asked to stopped talking when present at sleepovers. Her toes resemble those of Jesus, and thus it is appropriate that she wears Jesus sandals at all times.
by Alexis Powell January 07, 2011
some one from rutherford who thinks everything is fresh, especially the color yellow. he likes to roll around with his homeboys, on the ghetto streets of rutherford. try to run up on his crew and get smacked silly.

known for his fresh tattoo. His girl of choice: ghetto short spanish girls who dont miind doing the levita loca all day long
by Conan doyle May 02, 2011

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