some one from rutherford who thinks everything is fresh, especially the color yellow. he likes to roll around with his homeboys, on the ghetto streets of rutherford. try to run up on his crew and get smacked silly.

known for his fresh tattoo. His girl of choice: ghetto short spanish girls who dont miind doing the levita loca all day long
by Conan doyle May 02, 2011
An asian girl with black hair. She may pronounce her name with a spanish accent and is not very good at guitar hero. She can play one song, Cliffs of Dover, and is continuously asked to stopped talking when present at sleepovers. Her toes resemble those of Jesus, and thus it is appropriate that she wears Jesus sandals at all times.
by Alexis Powell January 07, 2011
While engaging in vaginal penetration with penis, the testicles are also inserted completing the process of the regina.
"Hey, whats that thing where you're balls deep in a chick and you just go ahead and stuff your nuts in there too?"

"Oh yeah, thats the Regina!"
by poonbl** February 04, 2010
A girl that is extremely boring. She does not add or subtract from a conversation. She simply breathes your air and takes up space.
Your girlfriend is such a Regina. She's just sits there and exists, like furniture.
by DeepFried94 November 06, 2011
Scottish slang used to describe a situation of rage or anger.
That guy just slep with his best friends bird, hes going to be regina.
by BJK 1690 January 28, 2008
The femine form of reggin, used to refer to a female african american who hasn't fully cracked the code yet...but whom may be catching on.
Reggin Reginald
"She's cute, but grandma would kill me if I brought a Regina home."
by Whitegina March 22, 2009
Aniger spelt backwards.
Hey, you know that bitch, Regina's, name spelt backwards is A NIGER!

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