The capital of Saskatchewan, Canada! It has some neat attractions, such as the Imax Science Center, the Legislative Building, the infestation of Canadian Geese, etc. But the true heart of the city lies in Downtown.

Of course, the only problem with this city is the absolutely disgusting amount of drunk, homeless, beat-down piece of shit assholes who wander the streets of downtown and completely ruin it for everybody. I, myself, can't even bring myself to have a good time downtown at night with a few friends without the risk of getting mugged by the friggin' "all white high school students". The downtown area is also prone to attracting (often white) assholes from the Southland, or Victoria east area of town, where the owners of the worst place to live in Canada by Macleans Magazine, and beautiful areas like the Cathedral Area are suffering for it.

Its almost as bad as Saskatoon for white crimes and racist violence against native woman and children, and is one of the few places a cop and or white person can kill a native woman or child in cold blood and only get probation.

Oddly enough if you want to shop, you have to drive to the out skirts of the city for anything, and get your picture taken at ever single intersection of the city since cops are never around during the day or night.(some intersections have as much as 11 cameras)

; It also has a really great gallery(MacKenzie Art Gallery) and museum (Royal Saskatchewan Museum), check them out next time your in Regina there worth it!
Don't ever run in Regina you might be mistaken for a native and get shot, or imprisoned.
by capsgram March 03, 2008
A girl that is extremely boring. She does not add or subtract from a conversation. She simply breathes your air and takes up space.
Your girlfriend is such a Regina. She's just sits there and exists, like furniture.
by DeepFried94 November 06, 2011
While engaging in vaginal penetration with penis, the testicles are also inserted completing the process of the regina.
"Hey, whats that thing where you're balls deep in a chick and you just go ahead and stuff your nuts in there too?"

"Oh yeah, thats the Regina!"
by poonbl** February 04, 2010
Scottish slang used to describe a situation of rage or anger.
That guy just slep with his best friends bird, hes going to be regina.
by BJK 1690 January 28, 2008
The only city in Canada that rhymes with fun.
Person 1: Lets go to Poon!
Person 2: What? Don't you mean Stoon?
Person 1: No, I mean Regina.
Person 2: Oooh... LOL
by Truelyafooly May 28, 2006
The femine form of reggin, used to refer to a female african american who hasn't fully cracked the code yet...but whom may be catching on.
Reggin Reginald
"She's cute, but grandma would kill me if I brought a Regina home."
by Whitegina March 22, 2009
Aniger spelt backwards.
Hey, you know that bitch, Regina's, name spelt backwards is A NIGER!

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