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One of very few words able to rhyme with vagina.
I was hanging wit' my girl Ge-mi-ma,
Getting mad va-gi-na,
When in walked her friends Regina
And Carolyn and Caro-li-na
And when ma dick got soft we went to indo-chi-na.
by Cloudwacher22 November 07, 2007
41 129
Regina-capital of saskatchewan (THE GAP)
regina smells like it sounds
by rideit January 30, 2007
22 116
Regina is a shit hole of a city in the province of "Saskabush" Canada. Yet it has a astonishingly nice casino. Also it is the Chlamydia capital of Canada.

A city with more drunk natives than Winnipeg Manitoba, and that is a tough competion.

Regina is so shitty that there are no current definitions of it. Fuck Regina.
-Nationals were sweet last year in Montreal.

-Where are they this year?

-Fucking Regina!

-Fuck that shit!
by diseased sheep May 27, 2006
86 190
a filthy, disgusting whore.
"wow. she's more of a ho than Regina!"

"Not possible."

"I concur."
by Gabe Asher August 14, 2007
24 163
Regina (not the regular lady name) = re-'gina = hypothetically a woman who becomes a man, and then becomes a woman again.
In reality, Regina is a slang joke reference to any person whose gender is difficult to determine.
by Pat & Kelly O'Brian August 12, 2006
57 215
a term used to describe a fat ugly woman
an example of a regina would be a girl bamed regina, duh!
by Jasey Rae February 04, 2008
28 239